IT Specialist / SysAdmin

Welcome to my portfolio, this will give you a basic rundown of who I am and what I do.

Past experience

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Here's a basic rundown of my experience in organizations and companies


Keyhub (2022 - )

Gameserver network managed with Pterodactyl panel, as well as basic linux configuration of all the servers.

Paliverse Apps LLC (2022 - 2023)

Helping moderate the community, testing DSX, working with Python and C#

GOSP - Generali Operations Service Platform (2023)

Working with Cisco APs, Switches and Routers. Setting up and managing Proxmox with ceph.

SMIT - IT and Development Centre. Ministry of the Interior, Estonia (2023 - 2024)

Diagnosing driver issues on laptops and iPhones with MDM. Setting up computers for new employees along with the specific programs and drivers required for the employee. Adding Apple devices, both iPhone and MacOS based to apple MDM and Jamf Pro for Mass management. Securely erasing contents of any device or disk, whether it is a leaving employee or just a computer/phone swap. Documenting the issues and steps needed to solve the issues.

Software/solutions with experience

Some of the software/solutions I am familiar with

Just lists a general overview of what I've used before and what I am comfortable with

Microsoft related:
Windows AD
Mass deployment with Microsoft ADK and MDT
MS Exchange 2019

Linux related:
Setting up Ubuntu and RHEL servers

Bash scripting to automate zabbix agent installation and other processes outside zabbix

Zabbix server installation and management

Basic mysql server setup and usage

Pterodactyl panel setup and management, plus writing custom yaml eggs and dockerfiles

Docker usage overall, I am very comfortable with anything Docker

Making docker images to automate testing and development environments

Kubernetes setup and management with KubeADM using Flannel for production
environment and minikube for small dev environments

Proxmox setup and management along with providing IT support for proxmox users

Use and administration of VMware ESiX along with Vcenter

Managing Plesk webhosting

Setup and network setup of OPNsense/PFsense based routers
Setting up and working with RouterOS based routers

Wireguard server setup along with port forwarding and a larger amount of subnets along with split subnet tunneling(Tunneling half of the same subnet via different vlans while technically being in the same prefix)